Periodontal Maintenance

Diagram of teeth and gum cleaningThe team at Todd L. Jolly, DMD has all the necessary experience when it comes to periodontal maintenance. This is a cleaning procedure that we perform at our offices to clean your teeth thoroughly. Periodontal maintenance is essential, especially when it comes to dental treatment since it helps in stopping any progression of periodontal diseases.

Gingivitis and periodontal disease happen when bacteria coming from plaque colonizes on the gum tissue, which can be either below or above your gumline. The bacteria colonies can cause a very serious inflammation, which can lead to chronic pain and inflammatory response to your body. This can cause your body to start destroying the bone and gum tissue systematically causing your teeth to shift, become weak or even fall out. Periodontal maintenance will involve some specific procedures.

Tartar Removal

Plaque and tartar build up, both in the lower and upper gumline can lead to severe periodontal issues if left unattended. Even if you use the best flossing and brushing homecare methods, it can be tough to remove bacteria, deposits, and debris from your gum pockets. However, our experienced dentists have the best dental equipment which helps them to identify and treat dental issues like plaque and tartar build up.


Many people have confidence issues, mainly when stained and yellow teeth cover their smiles. However, periodontal maintenance can help in getting removing ugly stains from your teeth, thus restoring your smile.

Fresher Breath

Persistent bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a sign of periodontal disease. Bad breath is caused by a blend of rotting food particles below your gumline, gangrene stemming caused by gum infection as well as periodontal problems.

Stages of Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance can be performed during a regular dental visit or under general anesthesia, under special circumstances. Our dentists will opt to use the later if they suspect or diagnose severe periodontal disease. During periodontal treatment, you should expect our specialists to place an endotracheal tube in your throat to protect your lungs from the harmful bacteria being removed from your mouth.

Such cleaning will involve supragingival cleaning which means our dentists will clean the area above your gumline using scaling tools to remove the calculus and plaque on them. We may also perform subgingival cleaning. This is a very important step for a patient with periodontal disease since our dentists can remove the bacteria and calculus beneath your gumline and from your gum pockets.

We may also perform root planing, meaning our dentists will smoothen the root of your tooth to remove the remaining bacteria. You should note that the bacteria are dangerous, and removing them is the priority of our dentists.

X-ray imaging and examination may also be used. Our experts will use x-rays to reveal the extent of the periodontal disease, as well as the extent of gum and bone recession. Also, they assist the experts in identifying the areas that require future attention.

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