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Invisalign aligners are custom-made aligners, made to be interchanged after every two weeks. A person is supposed to wear Invisalign for around 6–18 months, or even a longer, but this depends on the degree of the misalignment. Just like dental or mouth retainers which are designed to prevent your teeth from shifting out of their place, we use Invisalign for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners help to move and align your teeth properly, thus giving you a beautiful smile.

How do Invisalign Aligners Work?

When our experts determine the best way possible to correct your teeth, they will come up with a plan to move them. If you choose to get clear aligners fixed, you will be given several versions that will make slight adjustments meant to move your teeth during the treatment period.

Mostly, Invisalign aligners are made from clear acrylic or plastic material, and they are designed to fit over your teeth. You can remove these aligners when you eat, drink, brush or floss. Our dentists will continue giving you new aligners after a few weeks until they achieve the desired results.

The Difference Between Invisalign and Traditional Braces?

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are some of the best and most convenient methods we use to straighten your teeth. These aligners require you to make minor changes to your lifestyle so that you can accommodate your orthodontic treatment. For example, you can take out your aligners when you eat, brush, floss, or take a drink. This is a significant benefit compared to the cumbersome braces that make your oral care complicated, and can also be damaged when you eat chewy or hard foods.

Since Invisalign aligners have clear, nearly invisible mouth trays, they can straighten your teeth without the embarrassment you would get from the wires and metal brackets of traditional braces. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about these aligners taking away your smile’s natural look. Also, plastic aligners are gentle on your gums and cheeks compared to braces that have sharp edges that can cut or scrape your mouth.

Who is the Right Candidate for Invisalign?

Your age doesn’t matter when it comes to Invisalign aligners. Therefore, they are ideal for kids to adults with fully-grown teeth. Whatever issue you have, Invisalign aligners can help in strengthening your teeth, and you don’t have to worry about being embarrassing about your appearance.

Traditional braces tend to be uncomfortable and distracting, which can create a psychological barrier between your success. However, Invisalign aligners can give you a chance to live your life fully without the embarrassment you would get from traditional braces.

Our experienced professionals understand that each patient has a unique orthodontic problem. Therefore, we advise our patients to consult our dentists to check whether Invisalign treatment is the right option for them. General, Invisalign aligners help in correcting common dental problems, including crowded teeth, gapped teeth, and mild bite issues, including, overbite, open bite, cross bite, and underbite.

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