Dentistry for Kids

Young girl brushing her teethAt Todd L. Jolly, DMD, we offer comprehensive dental care for kids of all ages, including teenagers. Our pediatric dentists are committed to your child’s oral health from infancy through their teen years. We have the qualifications and experience to look after your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums throughout the different stages of childhood.

Kids begin to acquire their baby teeth in the first six months of their life. When they’re 6 or 7, they begin to lose their first bunch of teeth, which are eventually replaced by permanent, secondary teeth. Without good dental care, kids face possible oral disease and decay that may cause lifelong pain and complications. These days, children are five times more likely to get dental caries (a highly infectious disease) than asthma.

Your Kid’s First Dental Appointment

It’s recommended that you bring your child to our office by their first birthday. While this might sound too early but, checking for cavities, proper oral hygiene techniques for kids, and checking for developmental issues is vitally important.

There are various kinds of tooth decay in small children and babies. Tooth decay, also known as early childhood caries, can quickly develop, progressing from the tough, outer layer of the enamel to the inner, softer dentin within 6 months or less.

Most important of all, it's vital for your kid to have a good experience at our dental office since he or she will be a frequent visitor for many years to come.

The Checkup

When you’re comfortably seated with your child in our office, we’ll take a few minutes to introduce one another and explain what we’re going to do. Then, we’ll gently examine the mouth for early signs of problems like tooth decay, and assess the risk of your child developing the disease later on. Often, this risk assessment may help us ward off, and even cure, the early phases of tooth decay.

Lastly, we’ll discuss various methods to keep your child’s mouth and teeth healthy. For example, we might discuss how oral hygiene practices, diet, and eating habits can help keep tooth decay at bay. Tooth decay is the number one chronic disease in children.

If your child needs any treatment, we’ll explain the treatment and why we’d recommend it. We’ll also go over tips for brushing and cleaning effectively, and schedule a follow-up dental appointment as needed.

Many habits are cultivated early in life, so it’s important for your child to see a dentist by their first birthday. When that time comes, don’t drag your heels. You’ll be happy you came in.

Our pediatric dentistry solutions are designed to improve your child’s oral health and boost their overall well-being. The dental specialists in our office are dedicated to delivering quality services while keeping a customized approach. We’d love to be your family’s lifetime partners and help your kids in their pursuit of ultimate oral health.

Schedule Your Child’s Appointment

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Our pediatric dentistry solutions are designed to improve your child's oral health and boost their overall well-being. Schedule an appointment today.
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