Dental Bonding

Picture of Oral Surgery At Todd L. Jolly, DMD, we are more than ready to help restore your teeth to their natural appearance through bonding. This is a process in which a composite resin matching the tooth’s color is applied to a discolored, fractured, chipped or decayed tooth.

You can complete a bonding procedure with a single visit to our clinic. This is different from veneers which must be made in a dental laboratory. Furthermore, veneers also need customizations to fit the teeth. One of the main reasons for bonding is to improve the overall tooth appearance, especially chipped or discolored teeth. Other purposes include closing spaces between teeth to make them appear longer.

In other cases, instead of using amalgam fillings, you can opt for bonding to cover the root of a tooth after gums recede.

The Bonding Procedure

The best part about this procedure is that you don’t need any preparation. However, if the bonding will be used for filling purposes, then you may need anesthesia. Otherwise, anesthesia won’t be necessary.

The first step will be to choose a shade matching your tooth’s color. Afterward, the tooth will be roughened to allow for effective coating using a conditioning liquid. This will help the bonding material to hold firmly onto the tooth. After the preparation, the resin will be applied to the tooth and shaped through smoothening until the resin achieves the preferred shape. Hardening will then take place using a special laser or ultraviolet light.

Once it hardens, further shaping will take place. This includes polishing the bonding to achieve a uniform appearance with other teeth. The entire process will take up to 30 minutes, but if you want it on more than a single tooth, you may have to schedule other visits with us.

Also, keep in mind the resin can get stained by substances such as coffee, tea, and cola among other dark-colored substances. Therefore, you must keep away from these foods, especially the first three days after the bonding procedure.

The Advantages

Bonding is one of the most affordable dental procedures. Thus you don’t have to worry about the overall cost. Also, unlike crowns and veneers, bonding requires little enamel removal.

Besides the advantages, bonding comes with certain limitations. Thus bonding is preferred for small cosmetic adjustments or other minor cosmetic corrections. However, for the best advice, visit our clinic to get an in-depth analysis of the situation for the best treatment.

Durability of the Bonding Material

Usually, the bonding material will last anywhere from 3 to 10 years before you can go back for toughening. Keep in mind that this duration will depend on your oral habits since simple habits such as nail biting and chewing on hard objects can chip away the material.

The duration will also depend on the expertise used when applying the bonding material. This is why you need to visit our clinic where you can get quality treatment from our experienced dentists.

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